Class Descriptions

Synthesize and Energize

An uplifting class for all level yogis. Release negative energy from the past week and create fresh intention to move forward.  With twists for gentle detox, flow movement for grounding, and strengthening postures to set the tone for the new week.


Mommy & Me

Pre-natal/Post-natal (bring your little one up to walking age). This yoga class will assist you to learn to safely stretch, strengthen, and befriend your body during this time of huge transition. We'll also create a caring, safe, communal space for sharing. *no experience necessary - mats and props provided.


Lunch Hour Yoga

Begin your week right (balanced - centered)! Step away from your work day or daily life to create union - yoga - yoking your body, mind. spirit, and breath together. Flowing movement, balances, long stretches, and twists to revitalize you mid-day, along with an opportunity to sit and reflect at the end of class.


Strengthen and Awaken

Strengthen & Awaken emphasizes breath, balance, and strength, while also inviting increased awareness. This class blends posture and breath to rejuvenate the body, and a short period of meditation and laughing yoga to relax the mind. All levels are welcome!


Flow and Explore

It's a rarity to find a class over an hour long which allows space and time to fully explore and restore all aspects of self.  In this active class all arises through the group energy, therefore you're encouraged to fully show up.  All levels welcome, yet tailored physically and verbally for experienced students.


Refresh & Renew with Svaroopa ® yoga

– Classes resuming early november –

Refresh & Renew yourself from the inside out! This yoga class offers you a unique style of hatha yoga: Svaroopa® Yoga, a unique, meditative style of yoga that releases the deepest tensions in your body, quiets your mind, and facilitates healing. Props are used (blankets, blocks) to support the body where it is, at whatever level of flexibility, without any over-stretching or discomfort. Results are long-lasting and cumulative with continued practice.

Classes begin with a guided awareness to settle you in with deep relaxation. The poses that follow will open up each area of your spine, alleviating aches and pains, quieting your mind and bringing you to your natural state of pure awareness, vitality & joy. Your tensions will unravel and stress will melt away. Discover just how wonderful you can feel in your body and mind! This class is suitable for all levels and every body.


Afternoon Yoga

Afternoon Yoga is open to all shapes, sizes, ages, and levels. Come on in and join us, where you may find a natural sense of warmth, community, and an opportunity to slow down. I'll invite you to check-in, notice your breath, your body, and to share where you're at and which direction you want to move in. I will offer options as we move along through supported floor postures, and/or gentle standing postures to build strength, balance, and flexibility – safely and slowly. This combination offers longer, more fruitful, deep, therapeutic stretching.


Hatha Blend

Hatha Blend combines Precision, Flow, Breath, and Meditation, giving students a foundation for their yoga practice, the space to open and strengthen their bodies, while discovering the stillness within. All levels are welcome!



Dragon and Tiger Medical Qigong is a 1,500 year-old-self-healing movement system based on acupuncture. It is sometimes called "meridian-line qigong" because it helps free you of energetic blockages by balancing the chi flow that runs through the acupuncture meridians or energy channels of your body. You'll learn seven movements that trace the acupuncture lines of your body to help disperse stagnant chi.

Dragon and Tiger Qigong is a gentle, and extremely effective, way to feel calm and clear in body, mind and spirit. All ages, sizes, levels welcome.

In the first half of the class, we will focus on a beginner level of learning the movements and in the second half, the focus will be around the subtle refinements of these movements.

Please contact Jeannette Pike with any questions -


It's Time for You

This is a class to bring you back to yourself. A time for you. It’s a safe place to expand your knowledge of body ,mind, and breath. Great for beginner and advanced students Saturday at 8:30 AM.


Breath & Heart Yoga

All Levels — Come to discover a deeper connection to your breath and body. A Gentle flow of Asanas(postures) and movement guided by your breath and heart. This class is appropriate for practitioners with little to no experience to advance practitioners. Dive deep into the understanding of the practice of yoga and how taking the time for yourself will give you a better understanding of how you show up in your everyday life..... the practice of giving your self permission to make the choices that are right for you...




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